A professional musician worked with families and staff on the Neonatal Unit during December 15 and January 16
Project overview

Singing can be the most calming form of interaction for babies and their families (http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/301680.php)

Research tells us that live music helps to

  • lower premature babies’ heart rate
  • increase their oxygen saturation
  • help with feeding and sleep
  • reduce parental stress


Holly is a professional singer and Kora player (West African Harp used for baby naming celebrations). She works at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital for LIME Music for Health and is a registered Music Therapist.


Holly has been working in residency at the Neonatal Unit at Royal Stoke University Hospital to support singing, helping parents and siblings to create and use simple songs because their voices are the best music for their baby.

Holly worked flexibly and sensitively according to the Unit’s needs/preferences, guided by staff. Holly is now creating a CD of songs for families on the Unit incorporating audio clips of sounds in the Unit to help with the CD development.

Holly would be really appreciative of ideas and feedback around the project so please do visit the Feedback page to leave your comments/links.